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NAFS has involved a large number of Syrians with the aim to support their efforts in thinking through the deep challenges confronting their society and the future of Syria. The ability of NAFS to maintain the safety and neutrality of this platform over the past ten years, and to continue expanding its network of Syrians at a time of increased polarization within Syrian society, is one of its main achievements, and a unique asset that ESCWA can offer to Syrian stakeholders for advancing thinking and debate on the country’s future.

NAFS is led by its expanding Syrian network, which is comprised of nearly 1200 Syrians from inside and outside the country who have been actively involved in its activities and events. Syrian stakeholders’ participation within NAFS has strengthened their capacities and has continuously succeeded in developing relations amongst them while advocating solidarity and trust amongst each other.
More widely, NAFS has engaged nearly 3500 Syrian, regional and international stakeholders and partners, including Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), policymakers, think tanks, academics, representatives of the UN Country Team and other UN entities, the Office of the Special Envoy (OSE), media, and INGOs, follow and participate in the work and forums.

How can I become a member of the Expert Network?

Thanks for your interest in becoming a member of NAFS network. By completing “Join the Network Form”, and specifying your expertise, you will receive an email confirming your match to the NAFS focus sectors. Please note that your contact information will not be shared with external and third-party entities and will only be used for communication purposes. By becoming a member of the Expert group, you will regularly receive ESCWA newsletters and information related to NAFS activities.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of the Experts Network?

Expert Network members will be invited to participate in the activities of the NAFS Programme (Events, Meetings, Workshops, Trainings, working groups, etc …) and could potentially. contribute to publications and various papers and reports.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch by sending us an email at if you have any questions regarding your engagement.

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