Localized Needs Assessment

The conflict in the Syrian Arab Republic has dramatically transformed the country. Many towns and cities experienced severe damage to their economies, infrastructure and social fabric. Millions of Syrians were either displaced within Syria or forced to flee the country. Each town and city has experienced the conflict differently, with consequences, damages and recovery efforts varying greatly across different regions. The NAFS programme recognizes the importance of tailoring resilience and livelihood efforts specifically for each town and city.

Local needs assessments (LNAs) provide in-depth understanding of the unique social, political and economic dynamics of communities. Through preliminary research, the LNAs identify research areas that encapsulate a town’s range of needs. Primary research for the LNAs involves locally-driven research including structured interviews with local experts and stakeholders possessing in-depth knowledge about various sectors such as health, education, transportation, cultural heritage, waste, energy and governance. Resources such as context assessments, city profiles and factsheets are used to guide semi-structured interviews with local stakeholders who are knowledgeable about the community’s main issues and needs.

LNAs aim to facilitate local dialogue and develop consensus around community priorities with the ultimate goal of promoting inclusive urban recovery.