The duration, intensity and scope of the conflict in the Syrian Arab Republic has had a detrimental impact on the country’s institutions and governance structures. Polarization has widened and institutional capacities have been weakened.

The National Agenda for the Future of Syria (NAFS) is facilitating several inclusive technical dialogues, driven by Syrian experts, to collectively address State-society relations. These interventions support an inclusive vision for the future role of civil society in the post-conflict Syrian Arab Republic. Substantive interventions are coupled with knowledge-based support on various frameworks of governing systems and aim to activate sustainable development tools at the local level.

  • At the regulatory and constitution level, NAFS presents studies and suggestions on legal frameworks to strengthen the governance system.
  • At the level of civil society, NAFS facilitates networking between various activists, experts and actors within a participatory dialogue roadmap which aims to strengthen the role and contribution of civil society in the process of ending conflict and embarking on the path to recovery.
  • At the level of local governance, NAFS proposes frameworks for local participation in order to activate sustainable development tools locally.