Exploring Possible Scenarios for the End of the Conflict in Syria

In preparation for the Strategic Policy Alternatives Framework (SPAF) Update report, NAFS organized a consultation meeting with its network of experts with a broad spectrum of expertise, to explore the possible scenarios for the end of the conflict in Syria. The experts developed a list of distinct alternatives and possible roadmaps towards them, and explored the economic, political, and social implications of each scenario. This discussion included an in-depth analysis of the current and past situations, as well as an analysis of failed past attempts of peacebuilding.

By the end of the meeting, the experts agreed on what could be the most likely scenario and its relevant opportunities and challenges challenges that could plausibly serve as a reference point for the policy alternatives framework of SPAF II. A likely scenario may and may not imply an end to this conflict but would help in planning responses to its foreseen implications.

09 March 2021
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