Working Group on Economic Revival – Seventh Meeting

In the seventh meeting for the Economic Revival Working Group, the draft of the first section of the guiding principles for value chains development in Syria was presented to the members of the group for feedback and suggestions for moving forward. The presentation included posing the main questions and suggesting the likely answers regarding the socioeconomic recovery path in Syria based on the observed conflict dynamics. Following that, the common approaches and entry points for economic recovery were presented as an entry point to introduce value chain development as a main vehicle for result-based and sustainable economic recovery. The group members then discussed the main criteria for value chain selection such as contributing to meeting the basic needs, to economic recovery, and to boosting social cohesion at the local and national levels. Finally, the meeting experts discussed the approach for value chain analysis stressing the need to follow a top-down approach in order to begin with the socioeconomic analysis and value chains mapping at the national and sub-national levels followed by identifying the priority value chains that will be subject to analysis and development proposals.

08 August 2022
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