Industry (available in Arabic only)

The industrial sector represents a movement of societal transformation that includes all political, economic, social and cultural aspects. The Syrian industry is able to effectively contribute to raising the growth rates of the Syrian economy at this stage and the post-conflict stage. This document gives an overview of the current state of the industrial sector and the main gaps related to the nexus of reconstruction as proposed in the Strategic Policy Alternatives Framework (SPAF) document.

This paper analyzes the current situation and the policy gaps for the emergency phase nexus. It looks at voluntary return and reintegration of displaced persons, and at the impact of the conflict on the industrial sector in terms of providing services.

The document also taps into the reconciliation and social cohesion nexus to analyze the current situation and identify the related policy gaps for the rehabilitation of physical and social infrastructure. Therefore, this paper provides an analysis of the opportunities and challenges of this sector and offers sector specific recommendations for policies and actions.