Policy Gap Analysis: An Examination of The Policy-Based Gaps Hindering The Peacebuilding Process In The Syrian Arab Republic

Since the end of phase I of the National Agenda for the Future of Syria (NAFS) Programme, and the publication of the Strategic Policy Alternatives Framework (SPAF) document in 2016, the conflict in the Syrian Arab Republic has undergone many structural changes. 

The report on Policy Gap Analysis: An Examination of the Policy-based Gaps Hindering Syria’s Peacebuilding Process juxtaposes the 2030 vision brought forth in the SPAF document and the current status on the ground. In this context, it addresses the policy gaps that exist between the 2030 vision and the current status and makes policy recommendations aimed at closing said gaps. The report does this under the scope of four nexuses, which are as follows: emergency response, relief and humanitarian work nexus; building a legal framework and institutional rehabilitation nexus; reconciliation and social cohesion nexus; and physical and social infrastructure rehabilitation nexus.