Standardizing Cross-Cutting Themes Gender Cross-Cutting as a Pilot

The NAFS Programme in Phase II continues its mandate to create a dialogue platform with its stakeholders to discuss the future of Syria post-conflict and to ensure that the results already achieved are owned by a broad spectrum of Syrian stakeholders and remain relevant to the changing realities inside Syria, thus ensure that the policy alternatives embodied in the continuously updated Strategic Policy Alternative Framework document remain relevant taking into consideration the rapidly changing realities on the ground. Furthermore, the Programme will translate the policy recommendations proposed in the SPAF document into tools and guidance notes that would guide the normative technical discussions and would pilot the design of initiatives in support of local stabilization and the long-term reconciliation and peacebuilding, the stabilization initiatives. Linking those initiatives to SPAF would ensure their long-term sustainability and would test the policy recommendations at a localized level, and therefore contribute to the cycle of the continuous update of SPAF for Syria 2030.