The Strategic Policy Alternatives Framework -Issue II

The Strategic Policy Alternatives Framework (SPAF) report emanates from the work of the National Agenda for the Future of Syria (NAFS) Programme and its belief that all Syrians have the responsibility and the right to engage in discussions about Syrian national interest. A core assumption underlying all NAFS work, including the present document, is that the analysis and recommendations presented here have been developed in the interests of all Syrians regardless of their political persuasion and affiliation. The report presents a comprehensive picture of Syria today while also being concerned with its past and future. It seeks to help preserve the rich cultural heritage of Syria, a key part of the collective memory and identity of Syrians, to uphold the interests and well-being of current generations of Syrians, and just as importantly, to safeguard the rights of future Syrians to live in an inclusive and just society, with equality between men and women, and a strong democratic State capable of delivering on their needs and wants in an ecologically sustainable natural landscape.

26 June 2023
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